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We understand the special bond you have with your dog; they are part of your family. We don't use the word "family" to just make sales. At All N Kennels, we understand this and treat your special pet as part of our family whether they are at our training facility or traveling with us to competition events. Training your bird dog helps bring out their fullest potential. It allows freedom to include your dog in everyday activities and the luxury of having a well groomed bird dog that you hang out at home with, one that is your faith hunting companion and/or one that is a solid field trial competitor.


At All N Kennels we believe each dog, like humans, have a unique personality. We develop a plan based on your dogs individual characteristics. We structure our training methods accordingly to maximize your dogs fullest potential.

All N Kennel Training
All N Kennel Training
All N Kennel Training
All N Kennel Training


Gun dogs and pointing dogs are bred to assist hunters in locating or pointing and retrieving game; usually upland birds such as quail, chuckar and pheasants. We polish your bird dogs inherited, natural instincts creating a partner that you can hunt or compete with. We develop pointing dogs for the foot hunter and for the competitive field trialer. A well trained dog is a pleasure to have at home and in the field. Investing in proper training for your dog will give you and your family years of enjoyment.


Offering a variety of training programs tailored to your field trial or hunting dog needs.


We train in the following areas:

  • Whoa

  • Heel

  • Come when called upon

  • Pointing and holding birds

  • Backing | Honoring another dog

  • Retrieving (Force Breaking)

  • Obedience


Our Georgia training grounds are ideal for breaking young dogs and gaining a handle on and control of your broke and started dogs. We have 1200 acres of premier training grounds in the heart of bird dog country. Whatever stage your pointing dog is at we can successfully develop and strengthen their skills in the field. 


Contact us today to schedule an evaluation so that we can get your dog ready for the upcoming spring season in our Winter Camp. Camp availability is limited!


With over 2000 acres to train on we have plenty of areas for your dog to encounter both wild and liberated coveys.  Whether training your field dog to run independent and handle or keeping your hunting companion within range and holding steady we have the ideal grounds to accomplish this.


Contact us today to schedule an evaluation so that we can get your dog ready for the upcoming season in our Summer Camp. Camp availability is limited!


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